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Sometimes, as I stare aimlessly through my bedroom window, I can see into another world. For, dear reader, directly opposite is the bathroom window of another.

I do not know, nor have I ever met, the man through the window. Through the frosted glass he appears to be an attractive shape, but not one I would recognise at the bus stop / corner shop / wherever else our lives might collide.

But, never the less, he is fascinating. I watch him (not in a pervy way, you understand) carefully brush his teeth, and then floss with immense care. I see him pick up the mouthwash from the windowsill, swill, and then expose his neck whilst he gargles. Suddenly he spits, and then proceeds with his ablutions, the details of which are at once fascinating and irrelevant.

You see, the point is not what he does. The point is that I secretly share a moment with him that, presumably, even his wife / girlfriend / housemate is not involved in. He could, if he could see what I can see, pull the blinds, or switch off the light. But there he is – a shadowy outline, in his most private of moments. I know so much about him, and yet I know nothing about him.

Someone asked me today, in my love / hate relationship with online dating, to tell them about myself. I talked about my hobbies, interests, beliefs and values. But somehow it still seems less intimate than the shadowy outline of the chap across the road. Are we all, perhaps, living two lives? One semi-public, one semi-private? And does either vision represent us as a whole?

I’ll let you decide. After all, it’s your life. I’m just an observer 🙂