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Have you ever had the mubblefubbles? Chances are that even if you were a chronic mubblefubbles-sufferer, you wouldn’t know it, as the word is so archaic. 

Mubblefubbles means a depression for no particular reason, or feeling down in the dumps; melancholy and blue. It’s not really been used as a word since the 17th Century, but actually I think it’s a pretty useful description.

The mubblefubbles are not the same as clinical depression. They’re shorter in duration and less likely to end up with you entering a psychiatric ward. People may not even notice that you have them as, with a bit of self-discipline and determination, you’ll probably still get up, go to work, make dinner and do all the things you usually do.

But if life has become a bit overwhelming, or you’ve had a set-back, disappointment, or let-down, you could well hear the mubblefubbles approaching. Maybe you’re poorly, or you’ve been so busy looking after everyone else that you forgot to look after you. Perhaps you’re just over-committed, worn down by life and in need of TLC.

In my opinion the best cure is to take some “me time”. Have a bubble bath, or read a trashy magazine. Treat yourself to a new nail varnish or watch a favourite movie. Or, if all else fails, have a good cry into your pillow.

I like to think of the mubblefubbles as teeny, tiny mice who burrow into your brain and nibble away at the happy bits. Tolerate those little rodents on a temporary basis and you’ll find the strength to banish them when the time is right. After all, without feeling down, we couldn’t truly appreciate those moments when we feel happy and fulfilled; they would have a lot less meaning and joy about them.

So next time you feel like you just aren’t coping very well and life is a bit too hard, maybe just maybe it’s the mubblefubbles. Take good care of yourself and let them pass. We’ve all been there.